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Essential vim

essential.vim set nocompatible filetype plugin on

Launching the vim vim -u code/essential.vim


Notation Meaning
<C-n> While holding press n
g<C-]> Press g, then while holding press ]
<C-r>0 While holding press r, then release and press 0
<C-w><C-=> While holding press w then =


Command Description
* searches for the word under cursor
. Repeat the last action
>> Indents line
s delete single character

Compound commands

Compound Command Eqiovalent Longhand
C c$
s cl
S ˆs
A $a
o A<CR>
O ko

NB! They all switch from normal mode to insert mode.

Repeatable actions and how to Reverse them

Intent Act Repeat Reverse
Make a change {edit} . u
Scan line for next character f{char}/t{char} ; ,
Scan line for previous character F{char}/T{char} ; ,
Scan document for next match /pattern<CR> n N
Scan document for previous match ?pattern<CR> n N
Perform substitution :s/target/replacement & u
Execute a sequence of changes qx{changes}q @x u

Vim oprators commands

Trigger Effect
c Change
d Delete
y Yank register
g~ Swap case
gu Make lowercase
gU Make Uppercase
> Shift right
< Shift left
= Autoindent
! Filter{motion lines through an external program}
<C-h> Delete back on character (backspace)
<C-w> Delete back one word
<C-u> Delete back to start of line
K Look up the man pages under the cursor
J Join the current and the next lines togehter
r Replace the word under cursor
R Go to replace mode

Inserting unusuual Characters

Keystrokes Effect
<C-v>{123} Insert a character by decimal code
<C-v>u{123} Insert a character by hexadecimal code
<C-v>{nondigit} Insert nondigit literally
<C-k>{char1}{char2} Insert character represented by {char1}{char2} diagraph

Inside insert mode press <C-o>zz to move the screen to zenter Inside insert mode press <C-r>=10+10<CR> Inside insert mode press <C-v>065will insert A Inside insert mode press <C-v>u00bfwill insert ¿

Enabling visual modes

Command Effect
v Enable character-wise Visual mode
V Enable line-wise Visual mode
<C-v> Enable block-wise Visual mode
gv Reselecet the last visual selection

Command line mode

Command Effect
:6t. Copy line 6 to just below the current line
:6t. Copy the current line to just below line 6
:t. Duplicate the current line (similar to Normal mode yyp)
:t$ Copy line 6 to just below the current line
:’<,’>t0 Copy the visually selected lines to the start of the file
q/ Open the command-line window with history of searches
q: Open the command-line window with history of Ex commands
crtl-f Switch from Command-Line mode to the command-line window